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Body Solid Seated Row Machine

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Indoor rowing machines are now available for the home, allowing the exercise enthusiast to continue their fitness programme in the comfort of their own home. They employ one of three different types of resistance mechanism to increase the difficulty for the user; air, water or magnetic. Air rowers use a fan to create the drag which increases as the speed of the rowing increases; however the user can alter the difficulty of the rowing with the use of adjustable vents to control the air flow. Water rowers create drag with the use of a revolving paddle in a closed tank of water which smoothly increases resistance the harder you row. Many experienced indoor rowers believe water rowing machines offer the best simulation of real on-water rowing. Finally, magnetic rowers create the resistance with the use of magnets, offering terrifically smooth progression of drag with minimum noise output, making them ideal additions to a home fitness centre.

For more information on our range of air, water and magnetic rowers please visit the individual products listed below to learn more about their unique benefits and features.

BH Cardiff Water Resistance Rowing Machine
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BH Vario Programme Rower (Light Commercial)
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