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Boxing, though a sport in its own right, provides an interesting range of exercising and training activities for the fitness enthusiast that many find motivating.

Various training exercises can improve overall agility, footwork, flexibility, muscle tone, strength, hand-eye co-ordination, stamina and much more; and some quality boxing supplies can help introduce these exercises to your regime.

From skipping ropes to sparring gloves and punchbags, our range of boxing fitness equipment is suitable for use in the home or commercial setting for those with a casual interest and those with of a professional standard. With the use of a folding bracket, a punchbag or ball can be installed in the home as a supplement to a well-rounded exercise programme. Alternatively, a skipping rope can provide an efficient way to warm up and warm down while improving agility with a highly space-efficient piece of equipment.

For those with a keen interest in boxing, looking to build an effective training and exercise routine when away from the gym, a speed ball and platform is simply installed to provide a means of improving strength and hand-eye co-ordination. Made from the highest quality materials and designed to withstand extensive use, our boxing equipment is a great way of introducing new and interesting exercise activities to your training programme. We even stock vests and shorts specially intended for boxing training, please browse through our full range for more information.

Boxing Clothing
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For fitness training, sparring or fighting; the right clothing is almost as important as the right e...

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Boxing Gloves & Mitts
Boxing Gloves & Mitts >

For training, sparring and competing, our collection of gloves and mitts provide the comfort, securi...

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Hook & Jab Pads
Hook & Jab Pads >

Whether you are already a keen boxer or simply a fitness enthusiast building some boxing training in...

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Punch Bags & Speed Balls
Punch Bags & Speed Balls >

Punching bags and speed balls are superb pieces of fitness equipment for the experienced boxer and t...

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Skipping Ropes
Skipping Ropes >

Using a skipping rope is a fantastic form of exercise, not only as part of a boxing fitness regime b...

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