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Studio Pro EPP Foam Roller 90cm Long x 15cm Diameter

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Skipping Ropes

Using a skipping rope is a fantastic form of exercise, not only as part of a boxing fitness regime but also as an effective cardiovascular workout as part of a varied aerobic exercise programme. Similar to jogging or cycling, up to 700 calories can be burned by skipping over an hour of vigorous activity, while strengthening the arms and shoulders and avoiding knee damage by both legs absorbing the impacts equally.

Boxing skipping ropes are used as a means to improve overall fitness, but also to develop a greater agility and endurance. With increasing speed and challenging moves, athletes can experience an improvement in their footwork and upper body strength; and many boxers, tennis and badminton players include skipping as an integral part of their fitness regime.

Our skipping ropes are manufactured to the highest quality from natural and synthetic materials for durability and speed respectively. For more information on our ropes and other boxing fitness equipment please click on the individual products below.

Leather Skipping Rope (9ft)
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£10.00 (Inc. vat)
£8.33 (Exc. vat)
Nylon Skipping Rope (Speed Rope)
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£5.00 (Inc. vat)
£4.17 (Exc. vat)