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Speed Balls

Much like punching bags, speed balls are superb pieces of fitness equipment for developing upper body strength, speed and co-ordination as part of a well-rounded fitness regime. Boxers and casual fitness enthusiasts alike can benefit from the agility and stamina that speed ball training can offer.

Speed balls are lighter than punch bags, though they are covered with a heavy duty vinyl or leather material and hung from a short chain. They are easily installed in the home or commercial environment to allow the user to continue an existing fitness programme, and they can be used in conjunction with a speed ball platform for accurate rebounds and to ensure the balls are hung from the correct height.

Our boxing speed balls are made by Lonsdale, a brand renowned for manufacturing the highest quality high performance boxing equipment to allow the beginner and expert alike to enjoy an interesting variety of boxing exercises. For more information on our speed balls and platforms please click on the individual products listed below.

Lonsdale Speed Ball Platform
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Lonsdale Speed Ball
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