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Impulse IT Seated Preacher Curl

Full Commercial grade Seated Preacher Curl from Impulse Fitness

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Commercial Cross Trainers

Cross trainers have risen in popularity since the 1990s as a cardiovascular exercise machine which simulates stair climbing without placing potentially harmful strain on the joints. Our commercial Cross Trainers are also suitable for serious home use.

Also referred to as elliptical trainers, they work the user’s upper and lower body simultaneously with a varying degree of intensity to provide different speeds and levels of exercise. Commercial cross trainers are designed for use indoors, thus allowing their use to become part of an established exercise regime without regard for the weather of location of the user. This makes them a popular piece of fitness equipment for installation in offices, hotels, schools, colleges, gyms and other establishments, and they are made to the highest quality with durability and resilience in mind.

Our collection of commercial cross trainers includes Technogym cross trainers, which employ innovative technology to offer the user a high performance and immersive exercise experience. Technogym is a brand name which is synonymous with market-leading fitness equipment, and their cross trainers are no exception as they combine high-level fitness technology with entertainment packages. While the workout tones and develops muscle groups which are difficult to effectively work with other cardio exercises; the user can connect their iPod, iPhone or other USB connected device, check emails and browse the internet, watch TV or listen to the radio, play games and even plan a personalised training programme. These are fantastically motivating and effective pieces of exercise equipment which can transform an existing fitness regime.

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Matrix E3x Crosstrainer
Matrix E3x Crosstrainer >  

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£5394.00 (Inc. vat)
£4495.00 (Exc. vat)
Matrix E1x Crosstrainer
Matrix E1x Crosstrainer >  

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£3954.00 (Inc. vat)
£3295.00 (Exc. vat)
BH Fitness Khronos GSG (Light Commercial)
BH Fitness Khronos GSG (Light Commercial) >  

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£1199.00 (Inc. vat)
£999.17 (Exc. vat)
SportsArt E875 ICARE
SportsArt E875 ICARE >  

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£38400.00 (Inc. vat)
£32000.00 (Exc. vat)
Spirit CE900 Crosstrainer
Spirit CE900 Crosstrainer >  

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£4014.00 (Inc. vat)
£3345.00 (Exc. vat)
Spirit CE800 Crosstrainer
Spirit CE800 Crosstrainer >  

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£3199.00 (Inc. vat)
£2665.83 (Exc. vat)
Spirit CE900ENT Crosstrainer
Spirit CE900ENT Crosstrainer >  

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£5814.00 (Inc. vat)
£4845.00 (Exc. vat)