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Exer-Soft Ball 7inch (Blue)

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Commercial Fitness

Our range of commercial-quality gym equipment includes rowers, treadmills, vibration plates, cycles and cross trainers, all of which are ideal for all-round fitness. They are suitable for installing in the home as well as in offices, hotels, gyms, schools, colleges and other environments where high-performance, space-efficient fitness equipment is required.

The commercial fitness products in our collection are designed to offer the user a comprehensive cardio workout of the heart, lungs and circulatory system while simultaneously building muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Furthermore, our equipment is made for maximum user comfort with an ergonomic design and impact-free actions designed to protect the joints. Offering terrific versatility, they are suitable for use by everyone from the fairweather user to the professional sportsperson.

Perfect for group exercise sessions or installation in environments where space is at a premium, our high performance equipment offers the smallest possible fold away footprint to allow for easy and neat storage when the machines are not in use. See our full range of commercial fitness equipment to see where efficient and high performance exercise can be brought to your home or commercial space.

Commercial Cross Trainers
Commercial Cross Trainers >

Cross trainers have risen in popularity since the 1990s as a cardiovascular exercise machine which s...

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Commercial Exercise Bikes
Commercial Exercise Bikes >

Exercise bikes are popular pieces of fitness and training equipment which allow the user to benefit ...

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Commercial Rowing Machines
Commercial Rowing Machines >

Indoor rowing machines have been used since the mid-1800s as a means of simulating water rowing for ...

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Commercial Treadmills
Commercial Treadmills >

Treadmills may be installed in a number of commercial spaces and buildings including offices, gyms, ...

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Commercial Vibration Plates
Commercial Vibration Plates >

The latest thing in innovative, effective fitness technology; vibration plates are rising in popular...

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