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Cycling Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors are useful tools for those with a fitness programme that they wish to monitor, or for exercise enthusiasts who want to track their progress and know when to take the next step in their regime. Most heart rate monitors detect the pulse with the use of a chest strap, which transmits the signal wirelessly to a display unit without interfering with the individual’s movement.

Our range of cycling heart rate monitors are specifically designed for cyclists, displaying the pulse rate along with additional information such as current, average and maximum speed to provide all of the data needed for the cyclist to track their progress. With further features which enable the user to store this information to analyse and compare it later, cycling heart rate monitors are terrific pieces of fitness equipment.

Our collection of heart rate monitors includes monitors suited to all budgets and requirements, but for all-round performance and comfort our Polar monitors are ideal for those who wish to benefit from simple to use and highly effective heart rate monitors. Clearly displaying key information including heart rate, calories burned, details of performance and a measurement of aerobic fitness on the large format LCD screen, they are perfect for cyclists who need an at-a-glance reading of their fitness as they train.

For more information on the range of cycling heart rate monitors we have to offer please browse our full category.