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York Equipment Mat

This equipment mat is ideal to protect the floor for most pieces of equipment which includes treadmills, crosstrainers, cycles, multigyms and weights benches.Size 182 x 76cm.

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Fitness & Cross Training Heart Rate Monitors

For fitness enthusiasts who wish to monitor their progress and track their fitness as they enjoy their cardiovascular workout, a heart rate monitor is a remarkably useful piece of equipment. Most heart rate monitors detect the pulse with the use of a comfortable chest strap, which sends a wireless signal to a wrist-worn display unit. This signal is encrypted to prevent signal cross-over, and the display is large-format LCD which is perfect for runners who require an at-a-glance reading of their pulse.

Specifically designed for runners and cross trainers, our range of heart rate monitors include many beneficial features such as target heart rate levels, workout summaries and one-button functionality to make them easy to use when on the go.

Although all of our heart rate monitors are suited to a range of budget, our Polar monitors are ideal for runners and cardio trainers and they display essential data including heart rate, calories burned, and monitor aerobic fitness. Their comfortable chest strap and wrist watch are designed to cause no interruption to the fitness training and provide at-a-glance whenever they are needed.

For further details on our range of fitness heart rate monitors please browse through our full category.

Polar Loop 2 (new!)
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Polar A370
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