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Folding Crosstrainers

Cross trainers are popular exercise machines which provide efficient cardiovascular workouts by simulating stair climbing and running while removing the risk of strain and injury caused by impacts. They are sometimes known as ‘elliptical trainers’, and they simultaneously work the upper and lower body with a customisable degree of intensity to vary the levels of exercise undertaken. Their popularity is attributed to the fact that they offer a comprehensive workout without the need to take weather conditions into consideration, in addition to the fact that the movement of a cross trainer works a number of different muscle groups which are difficult to work with other exercises.

For those who enjoy using cross trainers in the gym, installing a folding cross trainer in the home can provide a useful way to continue their exercise regime without the need to leave the home or pay expensive gym memberships. Exercise with a cross trainer is a terrific alternative to running which improves muscle tone, stamina and overall fitness, and when the equipment is out of use it can be neatly folded and stored away with a small space-efficient footprint.

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