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Air Rowing Machines

Rowing machines have been popular features of commercial fitness centres for many years, offering a terrific cardio workout coupled with increased muscle tone and strength for both the upper and lower body. Fantastic alternatives to treadmills or exercise bikes, they offer a different cardiovascular exercise which is also virtually impact free, protecting the knees and other joints from wear and strain caused by regular long periods of exercise.

Innovations in design have now made rowing machines available for home installation, and our range of air rowers is perfect for the fitness enthusiast looking to continue and develop their exercise routine in the comfort of their own home. Designed for fantastic space-efficiency and low noise output, air rowers employ a fan to create resistance, which makes the workout more difficult as the user increases their stroke rate. Vents in the machine allow the amount of drag to be adjusted, making these air rowers ideal for beginners and experienced rowers to develop their level or fitness.

The Spirit Fitness R800 air rower employs both air fins and magnets in its breaking system, further reducing the amount of noise created by the machine. It combines commercial quality with high comfort and space efficiency, and the programmable functions present a number of challenges which keep the exercise regimen interesting and motivating.

Please see the individual air rowing machines below for further details of the range of functions and attributes they possess. 

Matrix Air Rower
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Spirit CRW800 Rower - Limited Stock
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