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Indoor Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis is an enjoyable game for people of all ages and abilities, offering increased agility and hand-eye co-ordination thanks to its fast pace and the level of skill involved. It can be played indoors or outdoors and we have a number of outdoor and indoor table tennis tables available to suit both casual players and experienced enthusiasts.

Our indoor table tennis tables are made by Kettler, a brand championed for their incredibly sturdy and well-built tables which offer excellent levels of play. They are supplied complete with a net, bats and balls – everything you need to get started with this sport. They neatly fold up with the smallest most space-efficient footprint so they are perfect for home and commercial use, many of them have the facility to fold just one half of the table for the individual to refine their table tennis skills!

For further details on our Kettler indoor table tennis tables please click on the individual products shown below.

Kettler Table Tennis Table Protective Cover
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