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York 2 sided (6 pair) A Frame Rack

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Merit Fitness are dedicated to producing exercise equipment which fits your lifestyle as it changes your life. Their leading products are all built to last with modern, compact design suitable for use in the domestic or commercial fitness environment. With outstanding quality standards and innovative technology to allow the users of their equipment to enjoy more efficient and highly effective workouts, Merit products are celebrated for their state-of-the-art performance.

Our range of Merit Fitness products includes some superbly high quality vibration plates, which have emerged as a relatively recent fitness trend to offer the exercise enthusiast effective workouts in shorter periods of time. With movements in three dimensions the vibration plate forces the body to constantly make reflexive countermeasures, and these full-body muscle contractions tone and strengthen muscle groups all over the body.

Please browse our full range of Merit products to see where they can be used in conjunction with weight training, Pilates and other exercise regimes to add new challenges to your fitness programme.