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Many fitness enthusiasts wish to take advantage of the increased muscle tone, improved strength and developed stamina that training with a set of dumbbells can offer but don’t have the space in which to store them. The disadvantage of traditional dumbbells is that they have fixed weight values, which means that if the individual wishes to increase the amount of weight they wish to lift to try a new challenge a completely new set of dumbbells must be bought.

Our PowerBlock space saving dumbbells are perfect for fitness enthusiasts who are seeking to develop and improve their upper body strength with an increasing degree of difficulty. By moving a pin on the side of the dumbbells the user can pick up more or fewer weight plates to increase or decrease the amount of weight they lift. This has incredible space saving advantages, and also allows multiple fitness enthusiasts at different levels to use the same piece of equipment.

We also have stands available for our PowerBlock dumbbells to offer the optimum height for the greatest comfort and endurance for the user. For further details on the PowerBlock dumbbells and the accessories we have to offer please browse our full category of space saving dumbbell sets.