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Table Tennis

A fast-paced game of skill which has international appeal, table tennis (or ‘ping-pong’) originated as a sport in the late nineteenth century, rising in popularity and eventually taking to the world stage as an Olympic sport in Seoul 1988.

Today it is celebrated as a remarkably skilful sport where a high level player can impart several varieties of spin on the ball to challenge their opponent.

The game is enjoyed by people of all ages as a casual friendly game or a highly competitive sport, and it is easy to play with just a few pieces of equipment. Whether you are part of a table tennis club or are simply a casual enthusiast with an interest in the game, our range of table tennis equipment includes everything you need to get started and keep going with the sport.

All of our table tennis tables, bats and balls are made to the highest quality to allow you to get the most from this enjoyable game. The tables fold away with a terrifically small footprint and can be kept from dust, damp and damage with a protective cover – perfect where space is at a premium.

Please click on our individual pieces of table tennis equipment to learn more and to see how they fit your requirements.

Bats, Balls & Accessories
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Indoor Table Tennis Tables
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Outdoor Table Tennis Tables
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