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Fitness Trampoline - Commercial

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Fitness-Mad's 40" Studio Pro Rebounder trampoline is a commercial grade rebounder that is the ideal tool for zero impact aerobic exercise whether for use in the gym or at home. Rebounding is fantastic exercise but it is essential to have a quality rebounder as most budget rebounders or mini trampolines often offer a jarring, noisy and unpleasant bouncing experience.

With the Studio Pro rebounder the bounce is smooth and almost silent offering the perfect exercise platform. Rebounding improves circulation, increases the capacity of your heart and lungs, and builds strength and stamina, boosting all round fitness.
Regular use will improve muscle tone around the legs, thighs, abdomen, hips and arms and will improve your co-ordination and balance. Safe for almost all ages and abilities, rebounders are fun and easy to use and require no special instruction - simply use for jogging, bouncing or dancing and you will reap the benefits!
Trampoline Weight: 10 Kg
Suitable for users up to 125 Kg
Total Height (incl legs): 25.4cm (10")
Total Diameter: 102 cm (40 inches)
Warranty Warranted for commercial indoor use for 1 year for frame, parts & springs (excluding spring cover).


Fitness Trampoline - Commercial

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