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Commercial Vibration Plates

The latest thing in innovative, effective fitness technology; vibration plates are rising in popularity as a space-efficient and high performance piece of equipment for the home gym and commercial environment.

Vibration plates work on three planes to offer a truly 3D workout. Moving from side-to-side, forward and back and up and down; the body is forced to perform reflexive balancing actions many times a second, which works many muscle groups simultaneously to provide a full body exercise. In addition to toning muscles, use of a vibration plate can also help improve overall core strength, balance and co-ordination. Combining vibration plate exercise with weight training or pilates can maximise the benefits gained from such activities, making a vibration plate a terrifically versatile piece of fitness equipment.

Vibration plates are a popular choice of commercial fitness equipment because they help compress the workout, making them perfect for installation in offices, schools, hotels and other spaces where guests or employees may wish to take advantage of the time-efficient workout a vibration plate can offer. For the home, our Nordic Track vibration plate is a superb choice for the fitness enthusiast who enjoys short periods of exercise with maximum results.

Please browse our full range of vibration plates to learn more about the health benefits of using this innovative fitness technology.