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Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and pilates are both highly popular exercise activities which help improve flexibility, muscle tone, stamina and core strength.

Not only terrific for overall fitness, yoga and pilates are also championed as activities which can be undertaken by the individual on their own and as part of a group as a motivating and social exercise.

Primarily concerned with the movement of the body, the equipment required to get started with yoga and pilates is minimal. For beginners to experienced instructors of yoga or pilates; there are mats, mat bags, bricks and balls in our collection of yoga and pilates supplies for everyone to get the most of their enjoyment of these activities.

We even have soft weights in a number of weight increments to help improve muscle tone, strength and stamina when engaging in pilates. The design of these weight balls is intended to improve grip while remaining safe to use, as they will not cause injury or damage to equipment if they are dropped.

For more information on our individual pieces of yoga and pilates equipment please browse through our full category, where you are sure to find everything you need to foster and continue an interest in these popular full body fitness activities.

Pilates Mats / Blocks / Balls
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Though Pilates is an activity an individual can undertake with little or no equipment, there are som...

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Pilates Weights
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Many Pilates enthusiasts like to add weights to their regime to build strength, balance and to tone ...

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Yoga Equipment
Yoga Equipment >

Yoga is an exercise activity that the individual can enjoy alone with little or no additional equipm...

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