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Benches >

Weight benches (or dumbbell benches) are a superb piece of equipment for the home gym which provides...

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Elliptical Cross Trainers
Elliptical Cross Trainers >

Cross trainers have emerged since the 1990s as effective pieces of fitness equipment which offer the...

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Exercise Bikes
Exercise Bikes >

Exercise bikes have been popular features of commercial gyms and fitness centres for decades, offeri...

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Rowing Machines
Rowing Machines >

Rowing machines are popular pieces of fitness equipment which simulate water rowing to offer the fit...

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Treadmills >

Treadmills are incredibly popular pieces of fitness equipment which mimic the conditions of running,...

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Multigyms >

According to the SGMA (Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association), the use of multigyms in the home h...

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Table Tennis
Table Tennis >

A fast-paced game of skill which has international appeal, table tennis (or ‘ping-pong’)...

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Heart Rate Monitors
Heart Rate Monitors >

Heart rate monitors are useful tools for those who wish to gauge the effectiveness of their fitness ...

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Our range of equipment



Treadmills are one of the most popular items for the home or commercial gym. They may also be known as walking machines and use a motor to move a belt that you will either walk, jog or run on. Most of the treadmills also have a motorised incline, that can be controlled by the user, to make it feel as if you are going up and down hills.

Treadmills come in various forms.

To save space, there are folding treadmills, which can fold up into a compact size when not in use. These are also normally the less expensive variety out of everything available.

For areas where space isn't the issue, there are the non-folding treadmills. These are also normally more expensive than the folding treadmills.

Finally, there are the Commercial treadmills, which are also non-folding. Although these are designed for the commercial gym, home users also use them.

Elliptical Crosstrainers


Crosstrainers are also known as Elliptical trainers and in some cases ski-machines. They offer the same cardio benefits that the treadmills offer, but are known as low impact machines.

As your feet stay on the footplate, they move in an oval (elliptical) shape, so that your ankles, knees and hips only bend slightly, reducing the stress on your joints.

They are quiet to use and generally come with programmes to alter the resistance as you use it.

Although they come in various shapes, they still work the same muscle groups in the body.

There are rear drive crosstrainers, front drive crosstrainers, and commercial crosstrainers. They also vary in length, depending on the type you need and the space that you have available.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes mainly work the lower body. The resistance is normally classed as Magnetic or electromagnetic, although the more expensive cycles use alternators. Because they use these systems, the bikes are very quiet to use. The seats are an important part of the buying decision, as you need to be comfortable when on it for a long period of time.

Also available are semi-recumbent or recumbent bikes. These have back rests and your feet are more out in front of you when cycling. Originally designed for people with bad backs, these have become very popular for the ordinary user, because of the back rest and cycling position.

Finally, we also supply Spinning Bikes. These bikes are more like the outdoor racing bike, but obviously do not move!

They have a manual resistance system, and the idea is that you simulate what you would normally do if you were out in a mountainous part of the world, so that you combine speed when going along the flat and downhill landscapes, with going up steep hills or mountains.

Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines work the whole body in one movement. Generally, all rowing machines use the same principle, and it is important that you keep your back as upright as possible. It is a low impact, non load bearing exercise.

The types of rowing machines available are, Air Rowers, Water rowers and Magnetic rowers. Air Rowers use Air as the resistance, Water rowers are similar to rowing on the river and use water, contained in a tank, as the resistance, and magnetic rowers use magnets to alter the resistance.