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Standard Foam Roller 90cm x 15cm

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Air Rower

Indoor rowing is a popular indoor fitness activity which offers the benefits of a comprehensive cardiovascular workout with a far reduced stress placed on the joints as it is a non-impact movement. Rowing machines are designed to create drag and simulate water rowing, improving overall strength and endurance and burning a high number of calories which makes it a popular activity with amateur fitness enthusiasts and sports people alike.

Air rowers employ a fan to create this drag, with the air-fins positioned on the fly wheel to as it spins faster the resistance increases. Adjusting the drag is done by opening and closing the vents to control the air flow. Air rowing machines are most commonly used by sports rowers in adverse weather conditions and by competitive indoor rowers.

Our air rowers are terrific for installing in commercial fitness environments and gyms in hotels, schools, colleges, offices and more. They are designed with space efficiency and durability in mind, and can be used by the beginner and the experienced rower alike. Air rowers provide a comprehensive full-body workout, exercising many different muscle groups with one activity which is why indoor rowing remains as one of the most popular indoor fitness activities.

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