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Universal Training Bar (Pull Ups, Chin Ups & suspended crunches etc)

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Rugby is noted for its high levels of physical contact, but it remains a highly popular sport internationally and it is a terrific form of exercise. For rugby fans who wish to develop an effective fitness regime, playing rugby involves a lot of running, throwing, catching and kicking which makes it a fantastic way to develop and tone muscles, improve hand-eye co-ordination and get some high quality cardiovascular exercise with one activity!

All you need to get started with rugby is a ball, and we have both practice and match balls in our range of rugby equipment made by Gilbert, a sports supplies company synonymous with the best quality products. If you are playing rugby competitively as part of a rugby team or club, our gumshields, kicking tees and kit bags are all useful pieces of kit for preparing for games and training practices. In addition to these items we offer rugby socks and shorts made from the finest breathable and lightweight materials to allow you to look right and feel right for rugby practice.

To learn more about the rugby equipment we can offer for the individual an rugby team or club please browse our range by clicking on the individual products below.

Gilbert Match Balls
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Gilbert Practice Balls
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