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Universal Training Bar (Pull Ups, Chin Ups & suspended crunches etc)

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Tennis is a popular court-based sport chiefly played outside during the summer. Enjoyed as a casual game between friends or as a competitive sport, tennis is a fantastic way to build a fitness regime as it offers a great cardio workout along with improved muscle tone and hand-eye co-ordination.

Communities and sports centres across the country have tennis courts which are available for hire all year around, but tennis can be equally enjoyable when played on the beach or simply in the back garden. The basic equipment needed is a pair of rackets and a ball, though more advanced players may require proper clothing, high performance rackets and a net. 

Our range of tennis equipment includes essential items to help you enjoy playing tennis on all surfaces and at any time of the year. We stock match and practice tennis balls made to the highest quality to ensure durability and many hours of enjoyable game play. For comfort and to lengthen the life of your racket, our high quality grips are fantastic for re-covering the handle when the existing grip becomes worn

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Practice Tennis Balls (Loose)
Practice Tennis Balls (Loose) >  

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£0.77 (Inc. vat)
£0.64 (Exc. vat)
Practice Balls (3 Ball Tube)
Practice Balls (3 Ball Tube) >  

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£4.25 (Inc. vat)
£3.54 (Exc. vat)
Match Balls (4 Balls Tube)
Match Balls (4 Balls Tube) >  

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£8.50 (Inc. vat)
£7.08 (Exc. vat)
Grips >  

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£1.70 (Inc. vat)
£1.42 (Exc. vat)