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5kg Double Grip Medicine Ball

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For all exercise enthusiasts, being able to exercise in the home is a valuable way of fitting in some fitness around a busy schedule.

Nowadays there are lots of ways to build an effective exercise routine without having to leave the home to go to a gym or to exercise outside, and in our range of home fitness accessories we have a number of products to help you to do so.

A swiss balls and wobble boards are space-efficient pieces of equipment which help build core strength, balance and co-ordination – all of which are core elements of an effective workout. Activities with these items can be easily carried out in a living space and they are terrifically versatile, allowing the user to alter their workout and challenge themselves with interesting and motivating exercises.

Steppers and trampolines are also superb for home use; boosting circulation, improving muscle tone and increasing energy levels with simple activities that even those new to fitness will enjoy and benefit from. Home gym equipment allows everyone to exercise regardless of weather conditions and without the need to spend large amounts of money on expensive gym memberships, making fitness accessible for all.

For more information on our home gym accessories and products please browse our home fitness category, where you will find further details of our compact, high performance exercise equipment for the home.

Aerobic Steps
Aerobic Steps >

Aerobics have been a popular form of exercise since the late 1960s, combining rhythmic aerobic exerc...

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Balance >

Balance training is a terrific supplement to a well-rounded fitness regime which helps the individua...

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Exercise Mats
Exercise Mats >

Exercise mats are useful fitness accessories for a wide range of activities in the domestic and comm...

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Foam Rollers
Foam Rollers >

Foam rollers are traditionally used as sports rehabilitation equipment for re-educating muscles, imp...

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Gym Balls
Gym Balls >

Gym balls, or ‘swiss balls’, are puncture resistant inflated rubber balls used in a vari...

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Steppers >

Step machines are designed to simulate stair climbing, only where there is no end to the staircase! ...

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Trampolines >

Fitness trampolines are popular pieces of exercise equipment for the domestic and commercial environ...

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Wall Bars
Wall Bars >

Wall bars are a truly classic piece of sports equipment- there's hardly a gym without one!...

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