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Aerobic Steps

Aerobics have been a popular form of exercise since the late 1960s, combining rhythmic aerobic exercise with strength and stretch training to improve overall fitness, flexibility and lower body strength. It is also a terrific way of gaining a comprehensive cardiovascular workout. Many professional gyms offer aerobics classes with varying degrees of difficulty for the beginner and the seasoned enthusiast alike.

For those who enjoy aerobics but wish to avoid costly gym membership fees, purchasing aerobic steps for the home is a great way of developing a fitness routine. An aerobic step can often be adjusted to different heights, allowing an increasing degree of intensity for building lower body strength and muscle tone.

Using aerobic steps and a workout DVD can be a great way for those with a limited amount of time to exercise to build their fitness regime, for more information on the fitness step packages we have to offer please visit the individual product pages below.

Multi Functional Exercise Board
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Aerobic Step
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Fitness Mad Aerobic Step
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