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Impulse IT Total Hip

Full Commercial grade Total Hip from Impulse Fitness

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Suspension Crosstrainers

Cross trainers are particularly popular pieces of gym equipment for providing the fitness enthusiast with an extensive cardio workout, improved muscle tone and strength. They have appeared in professional gyms for decades and are celebrated for placing little to no strain on joints as the action is impact-free thanks to a specially designed flywheel and drive system.

Suspension cross trainers, unlike standard elliptical trainers, mimic your natural gait with a smooth movement and comfortable position. They work the muscles harder than other cross trainers, improving the level of fitness the user can benefit from and condensing a workout. They also allow the user to vary the workout by changing the position of their hands on a number of different grips, and with a greater versatility than other cross trainers many fitness enthusiasts find suspension cross trainers motivating and enjoyable pieces of fitness equipment to use.

All of our suspension cross trainers are designed for the quietest possible running and the smallest most space-efficient footprint. Ideal for the home, they allow the individual to enjoy a professional workout in the comfort of their own home and without the need for costly gym membership fees. For more information on the range of suspension cross trainers we have to offer including their programmable training settings, entertainment compatibility and fitness monitoring technology please click on the individual products listed below.

Matrix E3x Crosstrainer
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£5394.00 (Inc. vat)
£4495.00 (Exc. vat)
Lifefitness Integrity Series Summit Trainer
Lifefitness Integrity Series Summit Trainer > Product Temporarily out of Stock

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£6695.00 (Inc. vat)
£5579.17 (Exc. vat)