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MAD 2kg Medicine Ball

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Fitness trampolines are popular pieces of exercise equipment for the domestic and commercial environment which can be used as part of a variety of fitness programmes and activities.

Used simply for bouncing or for jogging, dancing and aerobics; a fitness trampoline helps develop lower body muscle tone, improves circulation and can offer a comprehensive cardiovascular workout. Many fitness enthusiasts prefer trampolines to aerobics steps and similar equipment because they are zero impact, protecting the knees and other joints from stress which can be caused by the shock and impact of exercising on hard surfaces.

Our Kettler home fitness trampolines are a fantastic first piece of exercise equipment for the home thanks to their compact, space efficient design and their quiet bouncing action. Beginners and fitness experts alike can benefit from improved circulation, stamina and overall fitness by exercising with a trampoline in their own home.

Fitness Trampoline - Commercial
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