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Front Drive Crosstrainers

Cross trainers (or elliptical trainers) are popular pieces of fitness equipment because they offer an extensive cardiovascular workout with muscle toning and the development of overall strength. They have been used in commercial fitness centres for decades and now cross trainers are available for home use to allow the fitness enthusiast to enjoy a workout in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Front drive cross trainers are so called because the flywheel and drive system is located in front of the user. They are well regarded for placing minimal stress on the knees, protecting the joints from the strain caused by impact.

Fitness cross trainers for the home offer many benefits including adjustable resistance and motivational program settings, which allow the user to vary their work out to keep it interesting and enjoyable. In addition to these settings many front drive cross trainers are iPod/MP3 player compatible to offer an immersive exercise experience. All of our cross trainers for the home are designed with quiet running and space efficiency in mind, and many of them can be folded away when not in use to occupy the smallest possible footprint in the home.

Many fitness cross trainers display a variety of features suited to different exercise programmes and needs. To find the cross trainer that is right for you please  visit the individual product pages shown below to learn more about their unique attributes and innovative training solutions.

Sole E35 Crosstrainer
Sole E35 Crosstrainer >  

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£1399.00 (Inc. vat)
£1165.83 (Exc. vat)
Was £1899.00
Sole E25 Crosstrainer
Sole E25 Crosstrainer >  

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£1299.00 (Inc. vat)
£1082.50 (Exc. vat)
Was £1899.00
Matrix E3x Crosstrainer
Matrix E3x Crosstrainer >  

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£5394.00 (Inc. vat)
£4495.00 (Exc. vat)
Matrix E1x Crosstrainer
Matrix E1x Crosstrainer >  

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£3954.00 (Inc. vat)
£3295.00 (Exc. vat)
Free Mat
BH Fitness I.FDC 19 Dual (Bluetooth)
BH Fitness I.FDC 19 Dual (Bluetooth) >  

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£1099.00 (Inc. vat)
£915.83 (Exc. vat)
Sole E98 Crosstrainer
Sole E98 Crosstrainer >  

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£1999.00 (Inc. vat)
£1665.83 (Exc. vat)
Was £2299.00