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Impulse IT Vertical Knee Raise

Full Commercial grade Vertical Knee Raise from Impulse Fitness

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Weights & Gym Equipment

Not only for building the biggest biceps, lifting weights is great for trimming fat and toning muscles. Our collection of weights and gym equipment are great for use in home and commercial environments as part of a well-rounded fitness regime.

We have a range of products made to help you increase strength and build muscle in tandem with a training regime; from neoprene dumbbells for aerobic training to Olympic bars and power cages for concentrated workouts of the muscle groups. All of our weights are made for the best possible comfort and control, helping the user get the most out of their exercise programme with reliable, well designed, space-efficient equipment. For circuits and functional training, our selection of medicine balls can be held, thrown and caught to provide a variety of exercises to work muscle groups in new ways.

For those who are serious about exercise, our power cages and squat racks provide a terrific way to build a home fitness centre with professional high performance gym equipment without the expensive membership fees. Please browse the full category for more information on our benches and weights; including smith and weight machines, dumbbells, accessories and more.

Benches >

Weight benches (or dumbbell benches) are a superb piece of equipment for the home gym which provides...

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Weights, Dumbbells & Bars
Weights, Dumbbells & Bars >

Many fitness enthusiasts enjoy resistance training with weights to tone muscle and build body streng...

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Weight Machines
Weight Machines >

Weight machines are pieces of equipment used in resistance training which either use gravity or weig...

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Smith Machines
Smith Machines >

Smith machines, (sometimes referred to as bench press machines) were developed in the 1950s as a pie...

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Power Cages & Squat Racks
Power Cages & Squat Racks >

For those who are serious about weight training, a power cage is a useful piece of fitness equipment...

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Kettlebells >

In recent years the kettlebell has become a highly popular exercise tool amongst athletes, fitness e...

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Powerbags >

Introduced to the fitness market only in 2003, Powerbags have since become highly popular pieces of ...

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Medicine Balls
Medicine Balls >

The earliest record of medicine balls dates back to Ancient Greece and Persia, and for more than 3,0...

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Storage >

A range of racks and storege solutions for weights and dumbells...

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