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Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors are useful tools for those who wish to gauge the effectiveness of their fitness regime as they measure, display and record the user’s heart rate with a terrific degree of accuracy.

Entry-level heart rate monitors display heart rate and offers a summary of a workout on a large format LCD display, where more advanced monitors have further features including a measure of the number of calories burned and the ability to create training programmes based on previous targets.

Most heart rate monitors use a chest strap to detect pulse, which then transmits wirelessly and is recorded on a wrist strap display. The ability to record heart rate is useful for all who participate in physical activity, and we have Polar monitors in our range of heart rate detectors which cater for all budgets.

Many of our heart rate monitors allow the user to manually set targets to motivate their exercise programme, which is fantastic for athletes training for a particular event or with a goal to achieve. All Polar monitors are designed to interfere with your workout as little as possible with comfortable transmitters, large format LCD displays and one-button operation. For further details on our range of heart rate monitors please click on the individual products below.

Polar Loop 2 (new!)
Polar Loop 2 (new!) >  

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£76.50 (Inc. vat)
£63.75 (Exc. vat)
Polar V800 with HR
Polar V800 with HR >  

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£339.00 (Inc. vat)
£282.50 (Exc. vat)
Polar M400 with HR
Polar M400 with HR >  

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£169.50 (Inc. vat)
£141.25 (Exc. vat)
Polar IRDA USB Adapter
Polar IRDA USB Adapter >  

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£41.85 (Inc. vat)
£34.88 (Exc. vat)
Was £46.50
Polar T31 Transmitter Belt (Coded)
Polar T31 Transmitter Belt (Coded) >  

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£31.95 (Inc. vat)
£26.63 (Exc. vat)
Was £35.50
Polar A370
Polar A370 >  

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£169.50 (Inc. vat)
£141.25 (Exc. vat)