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Jordan 7kg Medicine Ball

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The popular court sport of badminton was developed by colonial British military officers in mid-eighteenth century India and grew in popularity into the twentieth century with the establishment of the International Badminton Federation in 1934. Badminton is played all over the world today in fitness centres and gardens as a highly competitive sport and equally an enjoyable summer pastime. Providing a terrific cardiovascular workout, improving muscle tone, balance and hand-eye co-ordination, joining a badminton club or playing with friends is a great way to enjoy keeping fit.

Essential pieces of equipment to enjoy badminton are rackets and shuttlecocks, both of which are available in our range of badminton accessories. Our badminton rackets are manufactured to the highest standards and combine the best in durability and high performance. Similarly, our plastic shuttlecocks are equally suited to use in sports halls and outdoors – perfect for those who enjoy playing the sport outside when the weather permits.

Badminton Rackets Standard Quality
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badminton Shuttlecocks
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