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Basketball has grown from its humble origins in the late-nineteenth century as a means of keeping a gym class active on a rainy day to one of the most popular and widely watched sports in the world. It is enjoyed internationally as an indoor and outdoor court-based team sport and by casual individual players thanks to its simple rules and the high levels of exercise involved. Due to the fast pace of basketball, it offers a terrific cardiovascular workout along with muscle toning, improved stamina and hand-eye co-ordination.

With a few pieces of equipment sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities can enjoy the sport. Clothing, as in all physical activities, plays an important part in basketball. Our basketball vests and shorts are made from the best quality materials to offer the durability and light weight required in sports clothing for this kind of highly physical sport. Similarly, we stock practice and match quality basketballs for individuals and teams to get the most from training and competing in basketball events.

For further details on the range of basketball equipment we can offer please browse through our full collection of sports supplies.

Match Quality Basketballs
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