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Rounders is a popular bat and ball sport developed in Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. With many similarities to softball and baseball, teams score by hitting a small hard ball and running around four bases on a field. It is a staple of many physical education programmes in primary and secondary schools; and thanks to the simple rules, small amount of equipment required and the fact that the teams may have between five and fifteen members it is a highly popular leisure activity.

The only pieces of rounders equipment needed for a game are a bat, ball and four markers for the bases. According to the official rules these markers must be able to support themselves and stand at a minimum of one metre, though for informal games a set of agility cones or similar objects will suffice.

Our range of rounders equipment includes durable, hard wearing balls and traditional wooden bats. All of our bats and balls are made to the highest specifications – all you need to enjoy a great game of rounders on the beach, in a field or in a sports hall is some friends!

Rounders Stick Wood
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Match Ball
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