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Spirit CT900 Treadmill

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Step machines are designed to simulate stair climbing, only where there is no end to the staircase! Stair climbing is a fantastic exercise activity for toning leg muscles and improving overall stamina, and it also offers a terrific cardiovascular workout.

Our stepper machines are fantastic pieces of fitness equipment for those seeking a comprehensive workout without costly gym membership fees. They are highly space-efficient items which can be easily stored away when not in use and are therefore a perfect introduction to home fitness. Once the user has become accustomed to the rhythm and motion of the stepper they can increase the intensity and speed of the workout, and even incorporate aerobics or weight training to vary the muscle groups being worked and to keep the exercise programme interesting.

Stepper machines are superb as a first piece of home gym equipment, and we have a high performance step machine from Kettler which has an integral computer to measure the steps taken and the frequency. Shock absorbers in the machine protect the joints from impact strain and keep the resistance of the stepper even. For further details on this piece of home fitness equipment please see the product page below.

Sole SC200 Stepper
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