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Vibration Training & Power Plates

Vibration and power plates are unique pieces of exercise equipment which have seen a rise in popularity in recent times, and they are now available for the home as well as the commercial fitness environment.

They work by moving in a number of directions to force the body to take balancing countermeasures, which works a number of different muscle groups in a short period of time. The popularity of vibration plates is often attributed to their time saving benefits, as they can condense the exercise regime of those with a busy schedule. A home vibration plate further shortens the time taken to exercise since they cut out the need to travel to a gym entirely!

Home power plates combine the power and performance of commercial vibration plates with the compact design and noise reduction required in a piece of home sport and fitness equipment. Used on their own or combined with weight training or pilates, a vibration plate efficiently burns calories, tones muscles and improves overall balance and co-ordination. Amateur fitness enthusiasts and serious exercise fanatics alike can benefit from these highly effective and user friendly pieces of apparatus.

Many of our home vibration plates include training instruction cards to help the user perform exercises which will deliver the best results for toning different parts of the upper and lower body. For more information on the individual vibration plates we can offer please click on the individual products shown below.

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