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The WaterRower Club has been designed for High Traffic Areas such as Commercial Gyms, Studios, Rehabilitation Clinics, etc. Its Black Rails have been styled to prevent scuffing, other wooden components are finished in an attractive rosewood which are more resistant to soiling than the Natural model. Each machine has been hand finished with Danish Oil and Urethane for protection.

Wood has been chosen due to its marvellous engineering properties, primary amongst these is its ability to absorb sound and vibration enhancing the WaterRower's quietness and smoothness of use. Ash, like all woods used in WaterRower construction, is a premium hardwood with incredible longevity and dimensional stability. For reasons of ecology, all WaterRower's woods are harvested from replenishable forests.

Product Features

  • The WaterRower"s silky smooth action makes it a pleasure to use, replicating not only the superb physical benefits of rowing but much of the aesthetic pleasure as well.
  • The WaterRower"s patented WaterFlywheel uses paddles to connect to a moving mass of water. Like rowing, the connection is fluid, there is no impact, jerkiness and jarring typical of lesser rowing machines.
  •  The WaterRower's unique patented WaterFlywheel has been designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving through water. When rowing the workout is generated by overcoming the effect of drag as the boat moves through the water. So with the WaterFlywheel the workout is generated by overcoming the effect of drag as the water moves past the tank.
  • When rowing, the faster you move the boat the greater the drag and the greater the intensity of exercise required to maintain your speed. The limit to the speed you can maintain is you, your physiology. Not the machine. Because the WaterRower"s precision spragg clutch engages the instant the handle is pulled there is no jerkiness or jarring at the beginning of the stroke. Because the WaterRower"s frame is wooden much of the mechanical vibration typical of other exercise machinery is dampened.
  • WaterRower warranty on all WaterRowers is 5 years on the frame and 1 years parts. To obtain the 3 years parts the warranty card provided with the machine needs to be filled in and returned to WaterRower where the warranty will be registered and upgraded from one year to 3 years.



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