Powerbags are a great tool for getting fit and building muscle. Available in most gyms, there are a variety of exercises that can be performed, making them one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment on the market.

Here we take a look at five of the best Powerbag training videos on the web:

Number 1

This video features Powerbag circuits, a series of quick exercises in short bursts. If you don't want to perform them all at once, they can be broken down into individually exercises.

Number 2

This video features the 'burpee', a popular exercise that can be done with a Powerbag. There are a range of variations that can be used to stave off boredom. And this video shows that Powerbags can be used outside too...so no excuses!

Number 3

This video might not have the best sound or image quality (and the choice of music may not be to everyone's taste) but the exercises performed are suitable for pretty much anyone.

Number 4

More than others, this video shows that anyone can achieve results at home - all they need is a Powerbag. Featuring a full five minutes of workout tips and exercises, it even comes with motivational music!

Number 5

If this guy's muscular physique is anything to go by, Powerbag exercises work! This is another five minutes of solid exercises that can be performed with this equipment. The exercises can be broken down and used separately if necessary.

Just like these videos, there are hundreds more on the internet so there is plenty of variation for your Powerbag exercises. Remember, if you are unsure or need any help it's always best to refer to manufacturer guidelines or ask a professional for help in order to avoid injury.

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