The frustrations that many people experience will commercial fitness centres stem from one source – other people.

If you’ve come to realise that long waits for fitness equipment or weights are standing between you and the body you are working for, investing in some weights and a bench for your home could be just the thing you need to kick-start your fitness. After all, just think how much time you’re wasting in the gym.

This exercise routine is designed to challenge the body and allow you to customise your workout to suit your fitness. All you need is some dumbbells and a weight bench – the order in which you perform the reps will allow you to work different muscle groups equally.

Perform each of the A, B and C workouts once a week with a one day rest between sessions. Alternating sets within the same number (e.g. 1A and 1B) is a great way of changing up your workout. Rest for a minute between 1A and 1B but complete 2A and 2B with no rest. After completing a pair of exercises, rest for a minute and repeat until all of the sets have been repeated.

To get your hands on a set of dumbbells and a bench to get you started with this fantastic gym-free workout, please browse our main website. PowerBlock dumbbells are a fantastic space-saving solution for those who want to build their fitness quickly but don’t want to find storage space for multiple sets of weights – more information is available here.