One of the many reasons for wanting to hop on your bicycle on a nice day is to gain some good exercise and to get from one place to another. However what happens when the weather isn’t so great? Trying an indoor cycling class or practicing spinning at home is a great alternative to exercising outdoors. You can work as hard as you want and there are no obstacles in your way. So for more reasons why you should give it a try, here’s some top benefits of spinning!gym-1046961_960_720


6. Full Body Workout
You may not have already been aware but using weights in a cycling class are becoming more and more popular. While spinning is undoubtedly great for your legs, holding weights when you’re cycling will give you a full body workout and you don’t have to worry about balance.

5. Team Spirit
Whether you’re at a class in the gym or using a spinning machine at home, you’re bound to feel a sense of encouragement from others in the room. Instructors will also want to keep you entertained rather than making you look at the clock.

4. Effective & Low Impact
Another benefit of the spinning bike is that it will keep the pressure off your knees and feet. This is particularly good if you have an injury or don’t want the pain of a high impact cardiovascular class.

3. Use Your Pace
A spinning bike gives you the privilege of adjusting the level according to your own pace. No one will know what level you are working at and everyone will be minding their own business in the spinning class!

2. Toned Legs
Due to the use of the large muscles in your legs, indoor cycling will have your hamstrings, calves and thighs in shape very quickly. This shows it is certainly worth the effort if you want to achieve shapely, toned legs.

1. Burn Calories
Depending on the level of your workout, an average spinning class can burn around 500 calories. This is a much higher figure than other cardio equipment can achieve in the same time frame.

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