It’s one of the hardest seasons of the year to keep yourself in shape, what with all the temptations of delicious food and a lack of motivation and time to exercise. Not only are there these distractions, there’s also the uninviting chilly weather outside that is enough to throw your fitness routine out the window. However, that doesn’t mean you have to turn into Scrooge to maintain your fitness over Christmas. So to help you get the balance right between treating yourself and staying active, here are our top fitness tips for Christmas!brown-21997_960_720


8. Workouts Don’t Need To Be Long
It’s easy to use time as an excuse for not wanting to exercise, however a workout doesn’t need to be long for you to gain the most out of it. If you’re prepared to work hard, short bouts of exercise are more worthwhile than half-hearted longer sessions.

7. You Can Exercise Indoors
If you’re really lacking the motivation to exercise outside this Christmas, you can always perform your workout indoors with a little adaptation.

6. Be Selective With Snacking
Although it’s tempting to indulge with crisps and chocolates, you can choose healthier snacks such as nuts, pretzels and dried fruits which are still tasty but also better for your body.

5. Choose Your Outfit Carefully
If you find yourself choosing elasticated or loose waistbands to wear, it’s likely that you’re already anticipating a large meal to consume. The rule for yourself should be that if the waistband fits in the morning, then it should fit for the rest of the day. Avoid the wake-up call of having to undo your top button.

4. Consider Your Alcohol Consumption
It’s easy to forget that alcohol is just as calorific as food because it is a liquid. However, instead of not drinking at all during festive celebrations, simply make sure you balance it out with soft drinks and plenty of water.

3. Set Goals
Although December is one of the best times of year to relax, it is also a great time to set your goals ahead for the next year to come. Remember that fitness is a long term goal and it takes time and patience.

2. Keep Track & Be Positive
Keeping a food and exercise diary of your progress throughout Christmas will help you to stay motivated in the new year so you can see where you can improve.

1. Enjoy Yourself!
If you try to restrain yourself too much from foods and treats, it will only make you want to eat more. So make sure you enjoy yourself, but in sensible portions.