Working out and eating right are two things that are typically seen to go hand in hand when maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but eating after you have just worked out? In the search for weight loss or just trimming down, we tend to put food last and exercise first and eating straight after a workout seems to defeat the object of going to the gym in the first place.

Well we are not asking you to shovel down a handful of chips after you have just spent an hour burning all those calories off, but instead considering healthy snacks. After a workout your body has used up energy, and of course that's what we want it to do, but in order for your body to not start burning muscle and maintain it's strength then you must replenish it. Here are the top eight foods that are recommended to help give your body back its energy, so that each workout is as effective as the next.

1). Fruit and Nuts


No, not the mix with the chocolate pieces in. A good hand full of dried fruit and nuts are perfect in a hurry as they offer a quick protein and carbohydrate fix that will help keep your energy levels up.

2). Eggs


Packed full of protein and naturally containing Vitamin D, eggs are the perfect thing to eat after a workout. Containing only 70 calories each, these eggs are famous amongst the highly fit. But don't feel compelled to eat them raw, they taste so much better cooked.

3). Bananas


These are a favourite as they are simple to eat and to take with you in a rush. Providing potassium these tasty wonders are fantastic for easing sore muscles and cramp.

4). Salmon


Supplying a protein injection, a small portion of salmon after a workout also releases Omega 3 oils into your system, helping to strengthen your body.

5). Blueberries


We've all heard of the benefits of these simple little berries so why not snack on them after a workout? They will give your body a huge antioxidant boost, helping to flush out any nasty toxins that still remain.

6). Protein Shake


For those who really push themselves, a protein shake is the best for helping to replenish your body. Many shakes now are full of the correct balance of nutrients which means that they only work to help your body, not hinder it.

7). Sweet Potato


Supplies a perfect amount of carbohydrates with a slightly sweet flavour, perfect for when you are really hungry post workout.

8). Peanut Butter Sandwich


A slightly less thought of snack but one that is full of carbohydrates and proteins with salt, to help restore your body. It also tastes great.

And there you have it, eight food to eat post workout. Which one is your favourite?