Clean eating is becoming the way forward for those who aren't looking for a quick weight loss solution, but a healthy lifestyle choice. But what is the definition of clean eating? Clean eating is aiming to eat foods in their cleanest state, this means nothing “unnatural”. Cutting out added sugars and fats such as high calorie sauces is all common sense really.

To achieve optimum health you need to get rid of any unnecessary toxins and replace them with nutrients. This not only will help your skin and make you feel better but will also improve the longevity of your life. But the definition of clean eating doesn't mean that you have to put up with bland meals. Here at The Fitness Store we have put together 3 healthy clean eating recipes that will show you how to make healthy choices - and they're also delicious!

Breakfast – Lemon and Blueberry Porridge


The breakfast that always tastes so good and keeps away the hunger pangs until lunch. This delicious concoction includes blueberries, full of antioxidants and also helps you to cut down on added sugar due to their sweet pallet. This recipe is courtesy of

Lunch – Pepper Jack Cheese Eggs


Packed full of protein, these eggs are full of flavour and are so easy to make. This little dish is also perfect as an after workout snack after weight-lifting. Recipe from

Dinner – Balsamic Beef and Sweet Potato Mash


A flavourful feast to finish your day, full of iron, protein and carbohydrate there is nothing boring about this dish. Recipe from

So there you have it, three easy, healthy clean eating recipes that will help you get to the peak of your overall well-being.