It’s always hard getting back into a normal routine after Christmas and with most of us guilty of overindulging, regaining fitness will be a tough task. For some this may be a challenge of both shedding a few pounds and getting your exercise routine back on track again. Whatever your target, it won’t be easy after a season of excess. So to avoid being a January-only gym member, here’s our top weight loss tips to get you into shape after Christmas!

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Make A Plan
If the intention and motivation is there, then you are far more likely to succeed in your fat burning plan. Weight loss is a task of both diet and exercise so having a plan in place is important to keep you motivated through January.

Try Something New
New year means new you right? If you find that the types of exercise you’ve been doing before aren’t working for fat burning, then it’s time to try something different. If playing a team sport isn’t your thing, then using the gym or going out for a run are other great ways you can get your heart pumping.

Retrain Your Brain
When it comes to achieving success in sports and exercise, the majority of it is psychological rather than physical. There always seems to be a reason for avoiding exercise whether it’s fatigue, being busy or getting distracted with something better to do. Therefore after Christmas, it is important to retrain your brain into pushing away temptations and cravings for more food as a way to lose body fat.

Sleep & Rest
It’s easily forgotten, but sleep is an extremely important daily activity which helps your body to recover both physically and mentally. When it comes to starting a fat burning routine, it is recommended to have a day’s rest after every exercise day to ensure that your body rests.

Drink More Water
Although this is always emphasised, it is important to understand that water can be more beneficial than you may realise. After regular consumption of water throughout the day, your body should feel active enough to take part in some form of exercise by the evening.

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We know it’s hard coming back to reality, but with these helpful weight loss tips your January target should become much easier!