There is a shift taking place in the world of weight training at the moment, and it is being led by Powerbags. These soft cylindrical weights are taking the place of dumbbells and aerobic weights in fitness centres all over the country, and they can be used in a fantastic range of exercise routines.

A Powerbag consists of a soft, wipe-clean plastic outer with two strong handles. An inner sack holds weights (from 3kg to 50kg), but because Powerbags are not rigid like dumbbells or regular weights, most people can lift around 40-50% of the weight they can ordinarily manage.

The range of exercises possible with Powerbags includes:

  • Plyometrics – for developing explosive power. Perform straight jumps, squat jumps and lateral jumps while holding a Powerbag in a variety of positions. Changing the way you hold the bag will work different muscle groups in different ways.
  • Push ups – use two Powerbags to perform elevated push ups, or place one parallel underneath your body for a narrow grip.
  • Squats – for building endurance and leg strength. Hold a Powerbag out in front of you, on your shoulders, in a bear hug or under either arm to focus on different muscle groups with varying resistance.
  • Lunges – hold a Powerbag on your shoulders, under either arm or out in front while performing traditional lunges. Using a variety of Powerbag weights will vary the difficulty of the exercises.
  • Throws – use a Powerbag as you would use a medicine ball. Throwing exercises are best done with a partner and can be performed standing or kneeling.
We stock Powerbags in a range of weight increments to suit all exercises and levels of ability. Many fitness enthusiasts are adopting Powerbags as highly effective pieces of fitness equipment. Beginners benefit from the option to increase the weight they use as their ability increases, and seasoned weight trainers can enjoy the new challenge non-rigid weights can offer to their existing regime.

For those who prefer exercising at home, Powerbags are versatile and space-efficient, so your home gym needn’t intrude on your living space. Since they are soft, they are safe to have around children and pets, and they will not damage your home if they are dropped!