Thanks to a wealth of celebrity devotees and its proven health benefits in the ever-increasing stressful environment of today’s daily functioning, Yoga is at an all-time high in popularity, and looks set to remain a favourite choice of workout for those of you who want to achieve a leaner, streamline body, and increase core strength.  Contrary to popular belief, Yoga (and Pilates) aren't all about contorting one’s body into unimaginable positions; most Yoga workouts incorporate slow, steady breathing and gentle, gradual stretching to encourage the body’s flexibility, suppleness and core stability.

One piece of genius equipment that the majority of Yoga students cannot live without is the Yoga brick, or Yoga block.  Yoga bricks are fantastic pieces of exercise equipment, used by inexperienced and advanced students alike, that can be utilised to help achieve some of those trickier yoga poses.  Positions such as Downward Facing Dog, Plank and Fish Pose are made easier, and often more beneficial when using Yoga equipment.  Yoga bricks can support delicate joints, limbs and the head during certain poses, allowing you to get deeper into the stretch.

The Foam Yoga Block - unlike traditional, rigid wooden blocks - is sturdy without inflicting discomfort. Lighter than the majority of Yoga bricks, our Foam Yoga Block is a safer option for carrying out your sessions as it features a non-slip texture, won’t damage floors or you and doesn't become distorted over time.

Downward Facing Dog

This is a common, fairly easy position that is incorporated into most Yoga routines.  Employing the use of a yoga block in this position enhances its rejuvenating and relaxing qualities.  Using the brick to support your head whilst in this position allows you to focus on the essential breathing techniques that can often be forgotten when tackling difficult poses.  This position is reputed for relieving stress and alleviating headaches.


This pose can often be tricky to maintain, often resulting in a crumpled mess on the floor.  Gripping our Foam Brick tightly between your thighs whilst in this position will prevent wobbling and improve stability, allowing you to stay focused and increase stamina.

Fish Pose

Fish Pose is a great position for opening up the chest and stretching the intercostal muscles, however beginners to Yoga may find the arched back position troublesome – this becomes easier over time as you begin to strengthen your back muscles.  In the meantime, use your brick to support you back whilst you slowly increase the strength of your delicate back muscles.  Place the brick under the shoulder blades to alleviate strain in the neck without compromising the effectiveness of the position.

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