Kettlebells have made a huge comeback in the fitness world, and they are great for users of all abilities to tone muscle and build core strength in a group setting or alone at home. Kettlebells are available in a range of weight increments to allow you to perform exercises of varying levels of intensity. Kettlebell workouts are really made for those with some experience of cardio and strength training, so it’s recommended that you provide yourself with a light, medium and heavy kettlebell.

Please note: Consult a doctor before working out with kettlebells if you have any pre-existing injuries or other conditions. A personal trainer will also be able to advise you on the safest way to workout with kettlebell exercises.

Before you get started with your workout, be sure to warm up properly. 10 minutes of light cardio with proper stretching will reduce any discomfort which may be experienced afterwards. Kettlebells work muscles you never even knew you had – so this is important!

1. Kettlebell Swing

Stand with legs hip-width apart holding a heavy kettlebell in both hands. Squat, swinging the weight backwards between your legs ensuring to keep your torso upright and abs braced. Thrust up through the hips bringing the weight up to about hip height using the power of your lower body – standing as you do so. Allow the weight to fall, returning to the original position and repeat.

2. One Arm Swing

Hold a medium kettlebell in your right hand and repeat the motion of the Kettlebell Swing, taking the weight to your side gradually increasing the movement until it is at shoulder height. As you do so, keep your left arm outstretched for balance. Repeat, switch arms, and repeat.

3. Kettlebell Throw

Hold a medium or heavy kettlebell between your legs in the squat position as if to start the Kettlebell Swing, holding the weight by the ‘horns’ rather than the handle. Begin the movement as if to carry out a Kettlebell Swing, but extend the range of movement to take the weight above your head. Repeat.

4. Kettlebell Push-up

Get into a standard push-up position on your knees or toes with one hand flat on the floor and the other on the handle or bell of a kettlebell. Complete a push-up with your torso stiff and your abs braced, but only go as far as is comfortable. Repeat, switch hands and repeat.

5. Power Plank with Row

On your hands and toes – in the plank position – with your core braced grab a medium kettlebell in one hand and pull your elbow up to torso level. Lower the weight until it is lightly touching the floor and repeat, taking care to maintain the tension in the plank position. Repeat, switch arms and repeat.

With just a few simple exercises like these you can begin building your own kettlebell workout regime, strengthening and toning core muscles whilst engaging in a cardio exercise with the swinging motions.

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