There are some people who love to exercise, getting up early to fit in a morning workout, looking forward to that next gym session. Then there are the rest of us, who will find any excuse to avoid building up a sweat and resist the call of the gym no matter what!

Most would agree that once you have completed your workout, you feel invigorated, full of energy and like you have achieved something beneficial for your overall wellbeing. We have put together a quick guide to enjoying exercise, which will hopefully encourage you to embrace it and go into your session with a smile, rather than a grimace!

Exercise with friends

Sometimes we prefer safety in numbers when we exercise, whether it’s at the gym, jogging in the park or working out at home. It gives us reassurance that we are doing it right, where friends will often give encouragement and praise. Chatting to someone while we exercise can distract us from any tiredness or pain that we may experience, as well as friendly back-up if heading into an environment where there are other people who may already be more confident in their abilities. You end up looking forward to the catchup with friends, with the workout as a valid excuse.

Find the routine that suits you best

When it comes to exercise, one size doesn’t fit all. Some people like to have a fast paced, high intensity workout, while others prefer an exercise class or something gentler like yoga. You will only enjoy exercising if you can find the routine that suits you best, otherwise it will seem like a chore or even a punishment. It’s best to try a few different things at least once, then choose your favourite and build your weekly routine around it.

Use exercise for stress relief and to relax

Sometimes exercise can seem easier if you start to see it as a stress reliever, a way to wash away the day! It can really help to clear the cobwebs and allow you to focus again. You can also find it relaxing if you choose the right workout. Perhaps a swim followed by a sit in the jacuzzi or sauna would appeal to you. Yoga and pilates are also great for eliminating stress and helping you to relax, as well as strengthening your muscles and burning calories.

Put together a killer playlist

Exercise always seems easier and more enjoyable when listening to music, especially if you have put together a playlist of all your favourite feel-good tunes. Choose something upbeat and cheerful for when you’re working up a sweat, then something more relaxing for your cool down and stretching. It really can make all the difference.

Refresh your routine

To keep your workout enjoyable you should mix it up wherever you can. It will prevent it from becoming stale and more like a chore, offering an opportunity to try new things that you may end up enjoying more. Try a new class at the gym or a piece of equipment that you haven’t used before, as it will help to keep your interest long term.

Focus on you and not others

Don’t judge yourself on how others are performing at the gym or in your exercise class. Focus on you and what you can achieve. Also try not to compare yourself to others in the way that you look, as this can act as a real deterrent and make you not want to workout at all. Everyone is different and will achieve their goals at a different pace. You never know, they may be looking at you feeling jealous of your achievements!