Ideal for quickly building up muscle mass, German Volume Training is a rigorous regime that relies on repetition and resilience. This method of training is difficult and will require some trial and error before you have got it down, but one you do you will start to see results quickly.

Capable of being used to work out any area of the body, German Volume Training gained its name due it being used by German weightlifters during the off-season as a means of increasing their lean body mass (full body weight minus the weight of body fat).

Also known as the ten sets method, it is not only amazing in regards to the results it yields, but also its sheer simplicity; the training calls for nothing more than ten sets of ten reps, hence the name. The weight that you undertake the training at is of course up to you, but it is recommended that you do it at 60% of your 1 rep max.

The rests in between sets is vital, and you ought to give yourself around 60 seconds before you move onto your next set of 10. It is also important that once you have finished all sets of 10 that you do not then do another set of ten that works the same muscles as used in the first; so make sure you chose an exercise that will recruit the most muscles

Although this may not seem very difficult at first 60% is a good weight to be aiming at. Obviously the first few sets will be easy to accomplish but don’t forget you will be doing 100 reps all together, and each set will only become more difficult. Once you are able to do ten sets of ten regularly and comfortably, you can then start to increase the weight by around 5%. This will ensure that you will still be able to manage the weight, whilst keeping things challenging.

After putting your muscles through one of these workouts you can expect to be sore for a couple of days afterwards, so it is suggested that you leave 4-5 days before working on it again; with one of those ideally being a full rest day.