We often see kettlebells sat in the corner of a gym or exercise space, but unless you've seen someone using it, you may not know what you should do with it.

A kettlebell can be a fairly inexpensive and highly effective piece of equipment, offering an all round work out that can be done almost anywhere. We have put together a brief guide to how a kettlebell can help you to keep in shape, along with a few exercises to get you started.

What is a kettlebell?

Usually made from cast iron or cast steel, a kettlebell is essentially a ball with a handle on the top. It can be used for cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, also useful in weight-lifting workouts. 

How do I use a kettlebell?

  • Make sure you choose a kettlebell that is the appropriate weight for you
  • Choose a single larger kettlebell or 2 smaller ones
  • Never be reckless with your kettlebell, keep movements smooth so that you avoid pulling any muscles

What are the benefits of using a kettlebell?

  • A kettlebell will make up part of an uncomplicated work out
  • It is a single piece of equipment that will be easy to store
  • Fully portable, a kettlebell can be moved to any part of the house or taken with you to a completely different location with no fuss
  • Kettlebells can help to build strength, without bulking up. It is great for shaping and toning, as well as building lean muscle
  • It will help to burn calories
  • A kettlebell will help to improve your core strength
  • It will improve your posture and balance
  • They can help to build joint strength
  • It can also improve your hip strength

Here are a few examples of easy exercises that you can do with your kettlebell;


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, gripping the sides of the kettlebell and holding it close to your chest. Then bend your knees and hips into a deep squat and push through your heels to stand upright again.


Great for your bum and the backs of your legs, hold the kettlebell in front of your thighs with both hands. Bend at the hips and lower your torso, with your arms straight and the kettlebell aiming towards the ground. Keeping your back and shoulders flat, push through the feet to stand upright again.


Keep your arms by your side with a kettlebell in each hand. Take a big step forward with the back foot fixed to the floor, bending the front leg at the knee, keeping the back and shoulders straight. Bring your front foot back to the starting position and lunge forward with the opposite foot.


Ideal for working the core, lay down in your sit-up position, with the kettlebell pulled into your chest. Keeping your feet flat on the floor, roll up into your sit-up and as you do, push the weight out and up above your head. Bring it back down into your chest as you roll back down to the floor.