When we reach a certain age, we run the risk of reducing our exercise time dramatically. This could be because we get tired more easily or are perhaps worried about causing ourselves an injury through exerting ourselves too much.

However, it is just as important to exercise in our later years as in our youth. If we work on strengthening our muscles, we can stay active for longer, with a good level of flexibility that means we have a reduced chance of aches and pains. It can also help to reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and diabetes. We have put together a few simple ways that we can exercise safely and efficiently as we age, perfect for increasing our stamina and to keep us healthier for longer.


This type of exercise is ideal for most older adults, as it does not require high aerobics and can be adapted to suit your body, such as sitting in a chair if you are unable to sit on the floor. There will be less stress on the joints and muscles, stretching out the body to help keep it flexible and supple.


Another way of exercising that won’t put pressure on the body, swimming will feel weightless, whilst taking advantage of a natural resistance in the water which will strengthen the muscles. Water aerobics is especially popular with the older generation as it offers something a little more fun than doing laps of the pool.

Resistance Bands

This is a low impact way to strengthen the muscles, which can be done in a seated position if needed. Perfect for working the arms or the legs, they can also be used to strengthen the core.

Weight Training

It is never too late to start training with weights. As long as you don’t choose weights that are too heavy and have been shown how best to use them effectively, they can really help to keep the muscles, joints and bones strong and healthy. 


One of the easiest exercises to perform at any time of the day, walking is a great cardio workout. It can be done at a pace to suit you and is a wonderful way to get some beneficial fresh air at the same time. Considered an excellent way to fight depression, walking is also perfect for doing with friends and family so that you can stay sociable.

If you suffer from any illness or disability, it will be a good idea to get some advice from a doctor before you begin any new exercises in later life.