The High-intensity interval training (HiiT) workout follows a simple idea: it’s far more beneficial to do 4-30 minutes of short, physically demanding exercises, than it is to do less exerting exercises over a longer period. HiiT workouts are easy to fit into your day-to-day regime, and you can quickly see the benefit they have on your athletic ability, stamina and metabolism. These programs come in so many variations however, and some may be better suited to your level of fitness or sporting needs, so allow us to help you choose the right one here’s our personal pick of the 5 greatest HiiT workouts:

#1 The 10-minute beginner workout

It takes time to get used to the high demands of a HiiT workout, so it’s best you start with a quick, simple set of exercises. Starting your day with a 10-minute burst of jumping jacks, sumo squats and punches will help you develop a sweat, and give you the improved respiratory ability to move on to more high-level HiiT workouts.

#2 This 4-round fat-burning onslaught

You won’t have to wait long before you’re ready for the more demanding HiiT workouts, and this one from trainer Mike Duffy is a solid choice. The first round alone has you undertaking some of the most gruelling exercises, such as burpees and mountain climbers. As you move through each stage you’ll be adding travelling kettleball squats and ‘plank-to-pushups’, and all of which are executed through increasing sets of reps.

#3 Walk-back Spring HiiT

Ideal for track runners, the walking back sprint is a straightforward and easy HiiT workout that’s easy to mix up with other regimes. The idea is that you sprint successfully further distancers (50m, 100m, 200m etc.) and then walk to the start to recover. By repeating this process any given set, you can make the regime more demanding every time you return to the running field.

#4 Bicycling ‘Miracle’ workout

There’s no better way to burn body fat then riding a bike, and so it makes sense to incorporate the activity into its own Hiit workout. This one is the aptly named “miracle interval”, a term coined by Olympic coach Gale Bernhardt. It’s designed to give you longer recovery intervals, ensuring that you put every pedal to the metal with each descending interval set.

#5 Car Pushes

Yes, you read the name right...this HiiT workout will actually have you pushing a vehicle. One of the best cardio routines around, this one will do wonders for your leg drive and power, and will overall build a great physique. The basic program is to warm yourself up with a 10-minute brisk walk or jog, then unleashing your strength in 4 intervals of 10-30 second pushes on the car. Taking this underrated HIIT workout to the next level is pretty straightforward; you’ll just need to get your hands on a bigger car!