Ever since the ‘workout’ reached mass appeal, print, TV and the internet have been saturated with ‘lose weight quickly!’ schemes and potentially dangerous exercise approaches. Getting the body and level of fitness you want does take time and a great level of personal commitment, but the results can be hugely worthwhile and leave you feeling great – from top to bottom. In this entry of our blog, we’ll list some of the most beneficial weight loss workouts for women, with a few tips on how best to approach an exercise regime safely.


The Relationship Between Muscle And Fat
With an appropriately exhausting diet and workout, any women can put on 5 pounds of muscle in just a year’s time. Why is this good for your weight? Well in terms of your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), that amount of extra muscle will require an additional 250 calories to upkeep. Once you’re able to get your head around that science, the stereotype that women shouldn’t be muscled will seem hugely superficial.

Straight Sets
Exercises should be undertaken as a uniform collection of straight sets. This means doing three consistent sets of leg presses, squats and presses, with a 30 second break in between. The advantage of this is you get to see where improvement is possible; maybe you increase the length of a given set, or maybe you make the third and final set a little bit harder i.e. adding a higher weight load or adding a few more reps.

Lift, Then Bike
Putting weight lifting back-to-back with your time on an exercise bike will not only feel hugely satisfying, it can potentially be a better weight loss workout for women if done in the right order. The evidence collected so far suggests that biking within 20 minutes of your weight lifting session allows your body to access and deal with your fat stores more than if you rested immediately after, or didn’t tone at all.

Running to Your Heart Rate’s Content
There are few other exercises that can help you fight fat better than a solid schedule of running. However, the speed and consistency with which you go out on the track, treadmill or ‘real world’ can correlate heavily with how well you’re able to lose weight. Running at a speed that corresponds to approximately 65% of your maximum heart rate, adding sprint-based intervals and following with a gentle yoga workout can be hugely more worthwhile than just running wild.

Get Over Your Dread of Burpees
Burpees: they initially strike people as a funny word, but will quickly become a nightmarish exercise regime. No one can deny the benefits – stronger shoulders, arms, core and glutes – nor the huge potential for weight loss, but for a single exercise move it can be hugely overwhelming. The key is start from the bottom up; first with basic burpees, then going one-legged, before finally ending up at the dreaded mountain climbers.